Commission: Terms and Conditions

Make sure that you have character references prepared before buying

Once you have references prepared and purchase in mind
contact me via email with the following subject:

ex.COMMISSION KOFI CUP <your nickname here>

Once payment is made by or before the invoice date, the commission will begin. 

Refusal to pay means that the commission will be withheld until payment is received. Once received, the commission will start and WIPS (Works in Progress) will be sent
During WIPS, please suggest any changes before linework
Should you be unable to pay at the time the commission order is placed, your commission will be withheld until you are able.

Be aware that another customer will take your place during this time.

Should you want a refund during the commission process:

The money returned will be partial due to the cost of labor

(*Only if the commission process has started and has had significant progress, such as lineart or flat colors, especially hentai works)
Let it be known that your commission will ceased in the process should there be failure to pay by the date on the invoice.

Refunds aren't possible after delivery of a complete commission


Simple Pin-Up of 
the client's character

+No complex background
+No complex content

+Alternate Version included

blog cover.png

NSFW artwork
of the client's character
of choice.

+No complex background
+Semi complex content

+Alternate Version included


Don't have anything 
in mind?
Leave it to me!
I'll redesign your OC!

+Complex content

+Alternate Version included


Sex Scene of client's OC
with the site mascot, Anput.

+Choice of position
+Complex content

+Alternate Version included

Midnight Stroll - [Ghostrifter]

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